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Who are Benjamin Narasin’s most high-profile connections?
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Benjamin Narasin

Founder & GP Tenacity Venture Capital - Pitch me w 1 line elevator pitch and ARR (I read all - No MedTech/Security/Web3))
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Atherton, California, United States
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Ben Narasin is a prominent figure in the world of venture capital, with a focus on fintech, mobile technology, and marketplaces/e-commerce. He is the founder and general partner of Tenacity Venture Capital and has been involved in numerous successful startups throughout his career. Ben studied Entrepreneurial Studies at Babson College, Business at Harvard University, and Japanese Philosophy & Culture at International Christian University. Additionally, he has worked as a freelance writer covering topics such as wine, food, and travel, and is known for his expertise in entrepreneurship.

As an investor, Ben has been involved with companies such as Omada Health, Lending Club, and BubblewrApp, among others. He has served on the boards of various companies and organizations, including Branch Metrics and Ben is also a former venture partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and former CEO of

Known for his keen eye for emerging technologies and trends, Ben is always on the lookout for new ideas that could create investment focuses that don't exist yet. His passion for both entrepreneurship and fine dining has also led him to work as a restaurant critic and wine competition judge.

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