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Summarize Andrew Richards’s background before I meet with them
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Andrew Richards

Education and Media Specialist for UVA Pharmacy residency programs and VCU School of Pharmacy programs.
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
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Andrew Richards, a University of Southern California graduate who studied Bachelor of Arts - Critical Studies, School of Cinematic Arts, is a creative producer, project manager, and Swiss Army knife who delivers unique skill sets in his profession. He has worked and provided his expertise as a producer, editor, consultant, executive producer, A/V specialist, special projects coordinator, video producer, music supervisor, data manager, social media manager, and education and media specialist. Andrew has shown his versatility by working in diverse industries, including Entertainment, Healthcare, and Education. He has been an integral part of several organizations, such as AJR Creative Producer, UVA Health System, LMTD, The License Lab, and Format Entertainment.

As an education and media specialist at UVA Health System, he provides support for content development, video production, audiovisual services, and technology implementation. His work as a producer, editor, and consultant with AJR Creative Producer focused on delivering exceptional video production, post-production, and visual storytelling services. At LMTD, he led a creative team that produced high-quality videos and implemented engaging digital and social media campaigns. At The License Lab, he managed data operations, social media platforms, and coordinated music licensing for high-profile film and television projects.

Andrew’s expertise encompasses project management, creative production, content development, audiovisual services, technology implementation, and team management. His experience extends to various areas of marketing, advertising, and entertainment, and he has worked with renowned companies in the industry.

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