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What are some of Paul Lewis’s interests or hobbies?
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Paul Lewis

Managing Director at RETHINK Retail
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Paul Lewis is a seasoned marketing, technology, and business strategy expert with over twenty years of industry experience. He has garnered recognition as a leading business visionary and author, making him a sought-after speaker at marketing and business conferences worldwide. With a remarkable track record, Paul has served on the Advisory Board for the Direct Marketing Association and Society of Digital Agencies.

Paul's expertise encompasses various areas such as digital generation, relationship marketing, and modern business strategies. He co-authored the book "Understanding Y: Inside the Minds of the Millennials" and is highly regarded for his insights on the topic. Paul excels in marketing strategy, brand positioning, and interactive marketing. He has an extensive background as an agency CEO and independent consultant, having worked with renowned organizations such as AT&T, AOL, Burger King, General Motors, Sony, Tupperware, and Walt Disney Company.

Furthermore, Paul's role as the Managing Director at RETHINK Retail showcases his deep understanding of the retail industry. He is also recognized for hosting the popular Rethink Retail podcast, where he engages in enlightening conversations with top retail experts. Prior to this, he held various key positions, including Chief Marketing Officer and SVP, Private Equity Partnerships at Valtech, Global Director of Partner Marketing at Adobe, and Managing Director at Society of Digital Agencies.

Paul's broad skill set includes marketing strategy, brand positioning, interactive marketing, and business redesign. His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and his ability to connect with influential business leaders and entrepreneurs have cemented his reputation as a knowledgeable and forward-thinking professional.

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