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Summarize Yogesh Patel’s background before I meet with them
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Yogesh Patel

Director at Morgan Stanley
East Brunswick, New Jersey
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Yogesh Patel is a versatile and high-energy compliance management professional with over 14 years of experience in compliance, recovery and resolution planning, liquidity management, legal liaison, and research & analytics.

He excels in identifying fraud, developing policies, and ensuring regulatory compliance with federal and state government regulations.

With a background in law and computer engineering, Yogesh blends visionary insight and business planning skills to strategize change initiatives and turnaround management, resulting in improved financials and operational efficiencies.

His leadership skills, business acumen, and legal expertise have contributed to his success at organizations like Morgan Stanley, where he has held roles as Director and Associate.

Yogesh Patel's educational background includes a Doctor of Law (J.D.) from New York Law School and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Rutgers University.

He has a proven track record of driving growth, competitiveness, and positive cultural change within liquidity management operations.

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