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What are Weiting Tan’s favorite books?
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Weiting Tan

Managing Director at El Masnou
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Weiting Tan is a highly accomplished Managing Director at El Masnou with a diverse and impressive background. She graduated from the State University of New York College at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science degree. With experience in business operations, market management, and country management, Tan has developed a reputation for excellence across several key fields. She has held senior positions at companies such as Zimplistic Inventions, HotelQuickly Ltd, and Wantedly Inc. During her tenure, she has been recognized for her skills in leadership, strategic planning, cross-functional collaboration, and data analysis. Tan also formerly served as Regional Director of Wantedly Singapore, where she demonstrated her ability to drive growth, optimize processes, and develop top-performing teams. In all of her roles, she has been a dedicated and results-driven leader, committed to delivering exceptional results.

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