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Vidhunnan Murugan

Product Designer - Crafting meaningful experiences - Productivity & No-code enthusiast - Design Mentor
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Professional designer Vidhunnan Murugan is well-versed in creating impactful experiences that not only enhance users' lives but also contribute to business growth. With a passion for simplicity, he believes that the key to building unique products lies in designing meaningful and user-first experiences. Vidhunnan's dedication to privacy and transparency ensures that every product he designs prioritizes these aspects.

As an award-winning designer, Vidhunnan is no stranger to recognition for his exceptional work. He combines his expertise in UX/UI design with his ability to quickly adapt to new challenges and opportunities, making him a valuable asset to any team. He enjoys collaborating with different teams to craft innovative solutions that drive results.

Vidhunnan's educational background includes diplomas from Orita Sinclair, School of Design and Music, as well as Yellow Tree Academy. His experience spans across various organizations, including his current position as a Product Designer at BigBasket. In the past, he has served as a Design Mentor at Designerrs - UI UX Design Lab and an intern at Genesis Motion Design. His diverse experiences have shaped him into a well-rounded and knowledgeable designer.

In addition to his design expertise, Vidhunnan is an enthusiast of productivity and creating tools that improve daily life. He has a genuine passion for learning and exploring new things, which fuels his drive for continuous growth. Sharing his knowledge with the design community is also important to him, as he believes in giving back.

With a friendly and professional demeanor, Vidhunnan is a highly skilled designer who consistently delivers exceptional results. His ability to create impactful experiences, prioritize privacy and transparency, and drive business growth sets him apart in the industry.

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