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What is Victor Mendez tweeting about?
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Victor Mendez

Business Development & Sales Operations
Milpitas, California, United States
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Victor Mendez is a highly experienced professional with over 10 years in the IT industry. With a proven track record in handling teams and delivering in individual contributor capacity, Victor is an effective communicator who has diversified his roles throughout his career. He has worked as a Recruiter, Sr. Talent Acquisition, Team Lead, Accounts Manager, Relationship Manager, and Business Development Manager.

Victor is an ambitious, confident, enthusiastic, and positive person with excellent leadership skills. He is a technology enthusiast with excellent problem-solving skills, making him an adaptive and creative thinker who always looks for the right solution. Beyond his tech-savviness, Victor can hold friendly conversations with customers and deeply understands their needs. He is also an expert salesperson with high energy, strong communication skills, and the initiative to make successful sales.

Throughout his career, Victor has worked with various top-notch organizations, including KeyPhase Inc, Euclid Innovations, Aita Consulting Services Inc., ArrGee Solutions, Vcarve, Inc., Intellitek Inc, dewsoftech, and VAZZ TEN D.

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