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What are Ullas Naik’s favorite books?
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Ullas Naik

Founder and General Partner at Streamlined Ventures
Palo Alto, California, United States
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Ullas Naik is a successful entrepreneur, seed and angel investor, and venture capitalist with an impressive investment record in over 400 companies. He is the founder of Streamlined Ventures, a seed stage venture firm focused on applied data science and applied AI companies in both business and consumer domains. Ullas leads or co-leads seed rounds in these areas. Ullas has also co-founded a full-lifecycle investment firm called Cota Capital.

Before Streamlined Ventures, Ullas was a senior member of the investment team that helped build the venture capital firm Globespan Capital Partners for over 12 years. During his tenure at Globespan, he invested in numerous information technology and clean technology companies, serving on their boards of directors.

Ullas is a top-ranked Wall Street analyst at First Albany recognized by Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine as a Wall Street All Star. He believes in the power of human ingenuity, especially when supported by an open, liberal democratic and capitalist society.

Ullas Naik has an MBA in Finance from Bentley University's McCallum Graduate School of Business and a B.Sc in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai.

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