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Tom Bianco

Google Cloud
United States
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Tom Bianco is a seasoned business leader with extensive experience in sales, strategic planning, and executive management. He studied Business Administration, Marketing, and International Business at Suffolk University, where he developed a strong foundation in business principles and practices.

Throughout his career, Bianco has held various leadership positions at reputable organizations, including Google, Kinetica DB, Hortonworks, Red Hat, Egenera, and EMC. As the Principal of Google Cloud Enterprise Sales, he is responsible for driving organizational strategy and execution, connecting vision, people, and ideas to achieve optimal results.

Bianco has a proven track record of success in developing and executing strategic initiatives that drive revenue growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline operational efficiencies. His expertise in sales and account management, combined with his deep knowledge of the technology industry, has made him a sought-after leader and advisor.

In summary, Tom Bianco is a highly accomplished business leader with a wealth of experience in sales, strategic planning, and executive management. He is a visionary thinker who knows how to align organizational goals with market opportunities, and he has a demonstrable record of success in driving business results.

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