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Thomas Arnold

Director of Recruiting at Facebook
San Francisco, California, United States
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Thomas Arnold is a highly regarded professional in the tech industry, currently serving as the Director of Recruiting at Facebook. He is an expert in talent acquisition and management, with a track record of successfully identifying and hiring top talent for leading companies. Arnold has worked his way up through the ranks, having held several notable positions at various companies over the years.

Arnold's career began with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University. He then went on to work at EMC Corporation, where he was responsible for recruitment and talent management initiatives. Arnold's expertise in recruitment was soon recognized, and he was given an opportunity to lead the recruitment team at EMC.

Arnold's next move in his career saw him join the team at Akamai Technologies as their Senior Director of Talent Acquisition. This provided him the opportunity to broaden his horizons and work in different areas within the tech industry. He was responsible for the development of a comprehensive recruitment strategy to attract top talent to the company. Under his leadership, Akamai was able to successfully hire some of the best technical talent in the industry.

Arnold then moved to LinkedIn, where he served as the Head of Talent Acquisition for over two years. His main responsibilities included designing and implementing recruitment programs that enabled LinkedIn to attract top talent globally. He also played a key role in developing new hiring strategies that aligned with the company's growth objectives.

Arnold's extensive experience in talent management and recruitment led him to join the team at Facebook in 2018. As the Director of Recruiting, his key focus is on attracting and hiring top talent for the company across various roles, including engineering and product development. Arnold is known for his strategic approach to recruitment, and his ability to identify and nurture talent that aligns with the company's values and culture.

In conclusion, with his experience and expertise in talent acquisition and recruitment, Thomas Arnold, the current Director of Recruiting at Facebook, has become one of the esteemed professionals in the tech industry. His success track record speaks for itself, and he is a highly skilled leader in the corporate world.

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