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What is Sushant Mohanty tweeting about?
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Sushant Mohanty

VP Product Development, FinTech Payment Market at Transaction Network Services
Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
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Sushant Mohanty is a highly experienced and successful entrepreneur and technologist who has been at the forefront of the FinTech industry for over 5 years. With a background in product development, business architecture, APIs, SaaS multi-tenancy, security, and infrastructure, he has led teams of up to 150 people and managed budgets of up to $30 million. His technical abilities include proficiency in Ruby, Rails, Payments, SaaS, Python, Architecture, High-volume Cloud computing, Amazon AWS, Open Source, Database Scaling, Vendor Management, EMV, PCI, SoX, ITIL, and DW/Business Intelligence.

Before serving as VP Product Development, FinTech Payment Market at Transaction Network Services, Mohanty held several other executive positions in successful companies such as Merchant Link, LearnZillion, Inc., PlaySay Inc., Lurn Inc, National Education Foundation, Cross Commerce Media, Inc.,, Inc., V-One and Winstar Corporations, and Verizon. With a proven track record in developing and implementing innovative solutions using Server side, APIs, Web/Mobile, and Cloud computing technologies, he has a deep understanding of the FinTech and Payments industry.

Mohanty also holds a MSCS (AI) from the George Washington University, a BSEE from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and a FinTech Future Commerce Certification from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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