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Summarize Susan Caruso-Kamzik’s background before I meet with them
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Susan Caruso-Kamzik

Client Success Leader at Kyber Security
New York, New York, United States
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Susan Caruso-Kamzik is a high-energy sales professional with a wealth of experience in technology sales, service sales, client relationship management, sales management, and sales training. She boasts a solid track record of exceeding sales goals and has consistently demonstrated her ability to quickly understand new products and markets, developing solution-based sales approaches that effectively meet clients' needs. A veteran of the industry, Caruso-Kamzik thrives in an entrepreneurial environment and is well-versed in cybersecurity, business continuity planning, software and hardware sales, and client relationship management. She is currently the Client Success Leader at Kyber Security, having previously worked as a Director of Business Development at Bruner Consulting Associates, as well as Senior Account Executive at Executive Business Machines, Inc., among other positions.

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