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Summarize George Sudarkoff’s background before I meet with them
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George Sudarkoff

Leader of Leaders, Fractional CTO, Coach - Technical Team Leadership, Agile Project Management, Software Development Lifecycle, Scaled Start-Ups
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San Jose, California, United States
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George Sudarkoff is an accomplished engineering leader, executive coach, and entrepreneur with a background in software and product development. With a Master's degree in Systems Engineering from Altai State Technical University, George brings a unique technical expertise coupled with strong business acumen. He has held several key positions in leading software companies, contributing to their rapid growth and success.

George's career as a servant leader is marked by his ability to facilitate radical change and remove roadblocks within organizations. As the former CTO of Boatzilla, he played a pivotal role in shaping the company's technical operations and driving overall growth. Prior to that, he served as the Infrastructure Engineering Manager at SurveyMonkey, where he leveraged his influential leadership skills to implement strategic initiatives and scale the technical team.

Before his tenure at SurveyMonkey, George excelled as a Staff Engineer at VMware and a Member of Technical Staff at VMware Virsto. He also gained valuable experience as a Staff Engineer at Juniper Networks. As the founder of Bitcomber, LLC, he demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in software development. Additionally, George has contributed his technical skills to companies like Ixia, Applied Materials, and STLport Consulting.

Passionate about empowering teams, George believes in working to individual strengths while fostering a collaborative culture. He is highly skilled in building trust, promoting open communication, and nurturing a positive and respectful work environment.

In his current role as an executive leadership coach at George Sudarkoff, LLC, he utilizes his extensive experience and skill set to mentor and guide professionals in their personal and professional growth.

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