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Who are Steve Hamaker’s most high-profile connections?
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Steve Hamaker

Design Director at The Tombras Group
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States
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Steve Hamaker is a highly experienced graphic designer and design director, specializing in brand identity design and development. Throughout his 25-year career, he has crafted branding and advertising campaigns for several well-known clients, including Discovery, Whole Foods Market, and Krystal Restaurants. Steve attended Kansas State University, where he studied BFA in Graphic Design & Illustration. He has worked with various organizations across the marketing, advertising, web, and apparel industries and startups.

Steve has served as a Design Director at Tombras, Lead Designer with LifeProof at OtterBox, Design Director at Stevaker Design, Partner, and Creative Director at Southside Creative Group. Additionally, he has held Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer roles at Hartwell Industries, GEAR for Sports, The Johnson Group, and Montgomery Press. Steve has expertise and skills in branding and identity design, design direction, consulting, print and web design, illustration, and art production. He is an active trail runner, mountain biker, coffee lover, and values family time.

Aug 11 · Via Twitter

@holidaymatinee Dominique was really underrated. Also, I really wanted his Reebok pump shoes but they weren't in my high school budget.

Aug 4 · Via Twitter

@danfell @martymadrid Reminds me of the good old days of walking over to Greyfriar's for a mid-day coffee. #nostalgia

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