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What are Steph Guthrie’s favorite books?
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Steph Guthrie

Film Programming & Education Specialist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Steph Guthrie is a seasoned film programming and events professional with diverse experiences in media relations, community organization, and strategic communications and partnerships. Steph has a Joint M.A. from Ryerson University and York University in Communication and Culture, as well as a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. Throughout her career, Steph has co-programmed the TIFF 2020 Industry Conference, managed all Youth and Community Initiatives at TIFF, led development of online resources for documentary feature A Better Man, and founded Women in Toronto Politics (#WiTOpoli). She is the co-founder of Drunk Feminist Films, where she creates innovative and participatory spaces for critical engagement with pop culture. Steph's interests and expertise lie in film programming and curation, event coordination, community organizing, and media relations.

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