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What are Stefan Palarie’s favorite books?
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Stefan Palarie

President at Scoala de Valori
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Stefan Palarie is a highly experienced training and HR consultant with over 15 years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. He is the founding member and President of "Școala de Valori," a nonprofit organization that has accomplished numerous achievements in education management, including providing over 16,000 educational opportunities for high school students and establishing long-term partnerships with large corporate partners to support educational programs. Stefan's specialties include fundraising and partnership building, strategic planning and implementation, networking, team management and leadership, general management, training and organizational development, recruiting, and employee services. Stefan has studied extensively, earning a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), a Master's Degree in Human Resources and Managerial Communication, and a Bachelor's Degree in Economy & Computer Science. Additionally, he has served in leadership roles in numerous organizations, including Interact Business Communication Romania, Cultural Detective, Junior Chamber International, and AIESEC Romania. Stefan is a skilled IT operator with expertise in employee services delivery, payroll calculation, payroll administration, compensation and benefits administration, and travel expense accounting.

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