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Stefan Konstantinov

London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Stefan Konstantinov is a senior energy economist and principal consultant with a strong focus on electricity and carbon price modeling and forecasting. With extensive experience in managing energy projects, Konstantinov is a thought leader in the energy industry and a frequent presenter at European energy forums. He specializes in the liberalization of the UK, Western Europe, and South East European energy marketplace. He has strong quantitative expertise, sound economic analysis of energy market fundamentals, supply, demand modeling, and energy cross-commodity price forecasting. Konstantinov has excellent communication and stakeholder management experience and can add value to a multidisciplinary work team. He has a Master's degree in Financial Analysis and Fund Management and a Master's degree in European Studies from the University of Exeter.<br><br>

He has previously worked for Energy Analytics at ICIS, Dar, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, EDF Energy, CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associates), and Global Insight. His expertise extends to corporate strategy, strategic research and planning, energy competitor intelligence, financial asset evaluation, and assisting with investor due diligence. He is experienced in managing energy projects from a variety of asset types, including renewables such as wind, solar PV, hydro, and pumped storage optimization, as well as conventional thermal generation, such as gas, coal, oil. He has analyzed peaking plant revenue streams, balancing markets, ancillary services, and the provision of flexibility. Konstantinov has conducted energy assets analysis in liberalized energy markets and markets where Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are in place.<br><br>

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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.