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Sophie Kim

UX Designer at Beyond Pricing - Default to action, default to transparency, default to empathy.
San Francisco Bay Area
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Sophie Kim is a highly skilled and passionate cross-functional UX Designer with experience in various industries. She has a solid foundation in user-centric design principles, having spent several years studying and practicing the art of creating positive user experiences. Sophie's passion for technology and people is the driving force behind her ability to connect the two through innovative solutions. Her experience includes product management, growth and customer success, marketing operations, and analysis. Additionally, she has honed her communication and collaboration skills through various internships at reputable companies such as Trepp, LLC, The Raben Group, and Gensler. Sophie's educational background includes studies in Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Virginia, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and English from Amherst College, and course work from King's College London.

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