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What is Scott Schaefer tweeting about?
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Scott Schaefer

Senior Software Engineer
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Scott Schaefer is an experienced developer with a passion for creating clean, scalable, and efficient software solutions. For nearly 20 years, he has worked in the information technology industry, focusing on designing robust back-end systems and APIs while creating intuitive user experiences. He has worked with numerous enterprise customers, implementing their unique strategies to make their businesses successful. At Bitly, he serves as a Senior Software Engineer, leveraging his extensive knowledge to design, develop, and deliver solutions to stakeholders.

Before joining Bitly, Scott was a Full Stack Developer at OVH US, a Senior Consulting Cloud Architect, Cloud Solutions Architect, and Escalation Engineer at VMware, and a Vice President of Operations at GS Network Solutions. In each role, he focused on delivering the best IT solutions to clients while keeping up with the latest technology and industry best practices.

Scott's primary development languages are Python and Go, and he has a strong interest in front-end development, particularly in the Vue.js ecosystem. He is a dedicated developer, continuously learning and expanding his knowledge to drive innovative solutions for his clients.

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