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What are Sarah Smith’s favorite books?
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Sarah Smith

Partner at Bain Capital Ventures
Menlo Park, California, United States
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Bain Capital Ventures recently welcomed Sarah Smith to their team as a partner. With over a decade's worth of experience in leadership roles at Facebook and Quora, Sarah invests in early to mid-stage companies across a range of sectors like consumer goods, marketplaces, and SaaS. Sarah has been deeply involved in high-growth startups as an executive, investor, and student at institutions, including Graph Ventures and Stanford. As the VP of Advertising Sales and Operations, Sarah led the launch of monetization at Quora, converting over 500 advertisers to the self-service ads platform. Sarah built the HR and operations teams responsible for the company's culture, compensation, benefits, equity refreshers, performance reviews, HRIS/ATS implementation, content moderation, and policy enforcement.

Sarah Smith has an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and studied BM, Music Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her professional contributions span several roles, such as Board Observer at Archive Resale, Board Member at Mathison and Lime, Former Angel Investor at Various Companies, Former Advisory Director at Quora, Former Partner at Graph Ventures, Former VP of Recruiting, HR, & User Operations at Quora, Former Director of SMB Growth - North America at Facebook, and Former Director of Online Operations and Head of Office - Austin at Facebook. She also used to be the Head of Online Sales Operations - Account Management, Manager of Online Operations, and Director of New Business at Swish Marketing.

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@JoseCadillo1 @AngelList To be fair, I was quoting @chamath !

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