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Summarize Sarah Aldinger’s background before I meet with them
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Sarah Aldinger

Senior Event Producer / Live Music Event Consultant/ MA in Social Science
Hayfork, California
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Sarah Aldinger is an experienced and versatile independent contractor specializing in live music event production, meeting production, and process design. With over two decades of experience, she has managed and produced thousands of concerts in public and private settings. Her expertise also includes managing weddings, fundraising events, and corporate functions, making her a sought-after professional where live entertainment is concerned. Furthermore, Sarah offers full-service event planning and meeting facilitation among her repertoire of skills, which are backed by a Masters degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Environment and Community, which she earned from Humboldt State University in 2015.

Sarah's work in event planning and production is highly regarded, but her passion centers on community involvement and natural resources. Her exceptional communication skills and systems analysis expertise make her a valuable asset to local natural resource agencies, where she is often called on to advise on community involvement projects. Sarah's work in this area has seen her develop communication strategies and consulting on systems improvement and navigate various viewpoints to reach consensus and achieve common goals. Sarah is currently on the board of directors for a thriving non-profit natural resources organization and has advised on a local, multimedia Humanities Project.

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