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What is Samuel Tan tweeting about?
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Samuel Tan

CEO & Cofounder at Auk Industries - Ex-McKinsey - Ex-OMLP at General Electric
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Samuel Tan, CEO & Cofounder of Auk Industries, is an accomplished engineer with a background in mechanical engineering and business management. He is a former Consultant at McKinsey & Company and a Leadership Program Associate at GE, where he gained extensive knowledge of Lean manufacturing/supply chain operations. Samuel's expertise is evident in his work with Auk Industries, where he builds industrial IoT systems, leveraging data analytics to improve operations.

During his time at National University of Singapore, Samuel studied engineering, earning dual majors in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. He was also an Officer Commanding for the Singapore Armed Forces and an Ambassador for the Faculty of Engineering at National University of Singapore.

Samuel's experience in the engineering and manufacturing industries has shaped his leadership style and his ability to build world-class teams. His focus on innovation, technology, and applied engineering makes him a valuable asset to any organization looking to improve operations and build new technologies.

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