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What are some of Sally Clemens’s interests or hobbies?

Sally Clemens

Apple Inc.
San Francisco, California, United States
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Sally Clemens is a seasoned product marketing and brand communications professional with a global perspective on customer-focused companies. She has a hands-on approach to building tactical promotional campaigns with a creative edge to achieve high-growth and ROI results. Sally specializes in strategic product and brand promotion, including product and technology launch events, social media marketing, executive media coaching, and technical training. Sally has a proven track record of building relationships with key media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, BusinessWeek, CNET, Oprah Magazine, and more. She studied Master of Arts (M.A.) at University of Missouri-Kansas City and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) at University of Kansas. Sally has worked at Apple as Creative and Technical Advisor and was previously Public Relations Manager, Company Spokesperson, Product Manager, and Technical Trainer at Olympus Corporation of the Americas. Additionally, she was a Faculty member of the Visual Arts / Multimedia Department at Johnson County Community College and a Photographer / Photo Illustrator at Sun Publications.

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