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Ryan Leverenz

Portland, Oregon, United States, United States

Ryan Leverenz is a seasoned public relations and brand strategy professional with extensive experience in corporate, executive, investor, and crisis communications. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, from FORTUNE 100 companies to startups in industries such as private equity, commercial real estate, design, hospitality, healthcare, apparel, and consumer goods. Leveraging his broad skill set and network of relationships, Leverenz excels at identifying and building partnerships between clients and external parties to reach new audiences and accelerate results.

Leverenz's past and current clients include notable organizations such as Endeavour Capital, Meriwether Group, Capstone Partners, Capital Property Management, and the Oregon Association of Hospitals & Healthcare Systems (OAHHS). He has also worked with senior living facilities, such as Onelife Senior Living and Anthem Memory Care, and helped notable destinations like Pioneer Courthouse Square and True West get noticed. Additionally, Leverenz has worked with media outlets such as the Dan Patrick Show and Restoration Hardware, as well as various other organizations such as Beebe Skidmore and Page St. Sound Lab.

Throughout his career, Leverenz has gained expertise in addressing brand and utilizing PR tools during high-growth moments. He has worked on diverse projects, from building comprehensive campaigns and messaging to managing crises and building relationships with key stakeholders. Leverenz obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Oregon and has worked at notable organizations throughout his career, including CRAiLAR Technologies Inc., LaunchSquad, Ruder Finn, Lane PR, and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art.

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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.