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What is Rodolfo Serna tweeting about?
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Rodolfo Serna

Resident Artist at The Right Brain Initiative
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Rodolfo Serna is a Chicago-born multidisciplinary artist focused on community public art works. Though initially a self-taught artist until he started collaborating with other graffiti artists from inner city Chicago on large-scale artworks, Serna found direction in illustration while serving in the Marine Corps. As an infantryman, he was drawn to illustration since it was the only portable enough medium that could keep up with his dynamic role. In service, Serna received various meritorious awards and medals before completing his time with an honorable discharge. Later on, he decided to pursue higher education, and Serna obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Portland State University, where he also received scholarships. He received the Skidmore Award for his work in the Portland community.

Serna is a community advocate for resources in leadership, art, and culture. He has worked with various organizations and educational institutions, but he primarily focuses on marginalized youth in the community with his mixed-media projects. He takes pride in incorporating traditional Indigenous motifs with contemporary techniques, which breathe new life to the ancestors' vision. His collaborative efforts include ideas from the community, resulting in community-based art that people can take pride in.

Serna is a former Art and Culture Instructor at Home Forward Plaza Town Homes in Portland and a former Mural Art Instructor at King Elementary and Latino Network Summer Programming. He was also a Resident Artist at The Right Brain Initiative, where he worked on public art projects mounted across the Greater Portland area.

This public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.
This public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.