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Roberth Friedman

Stockholm, Sweden

Roberth Friedman is a skilled marketing and business development professional, boasting international experience and a proven track record of increasing revenue and market penetration. With expertise in strategic planning, campaign design, partnership development, and customer relations, Friedman is adept at contract negotiations and management, as well as representing companies at industry events, conferences, and exhibitions. Holding degrees in engineering, architecture and construction, real estate management, business administration and economics, as well as a certification in Effective Company Directorship, Friedman has a strong educational background that bolsters his impressive work experience.

As the former Country Manager for Sweden and Director of Strategy and Business Development for the Foreign Trade Administration - Ministry of Economy and Industry in Israel, Friedman's knowledge of cross-cultural experience and market strategies proves invaluable. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a special talent for Innovation, Tech-Scouting, and matchmaking companies.

With experience on various boards and organizations including the Chamber of Commerce Sweden - Israel, the Hillel School of Stockholm in Sweden, and the Swedish Academy of Board Directors, Roberth Friedman's list of accomplishments is impressive. Friedman's core competencies lie in his skill set of Business Development & Marketing, Innovation, and Tech-Scouting, Business Planning, Administration & Organizing, Creative Thinking, and Cross-cultural Experience & Knowledge (Scandinavia-Israel-EU-USA). As an individual capable of working within the European Union and in the USA, Friedman's varied experiences and education allow him to be a versatile and valuable asset to any team.

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InfoThis public profile is provided courtesy of Clay. All information found here is in the public domain.