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Rick Guilfoil

Senior Administrative Manager, Global Communications at GLOBAL MINISTRY CENTER (Church of the Nazarene)
Shawnee, Kansas
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Rick Guilfoil is an accomplished Communications Director with experience working in the marketing and advertising industry. He specializes in church communications and has a proficiency in Marketing Management, Nonprofit Organizations, Adobe Creative Suite, Event Management, and Team Building. He holds a Master's degree in Communications Management from Webster University and a Bachelor's degree in Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Management from Kansas State University.

He has worked in various organizations, including GLOBAL MINISTRY CENTER and Church of the Nazarene International Headquarters. At GLOBAL MINISTRY CENTER, he served as Web Content Coordinator and Senior Administrative Manager, Global Communications, while at Church of the Nazarene International Headquarters, he served as Director of Web Development. He also founded LogixStreet LLC, worked as an Account Manager at Premier Studios, and was Chief Marketing Officer at Dust Jacket Publishing LLC.

Rick Guilfoil is a versatile entrepreneur with a vast range of skills and experiences that span across multiple industries. He is a creative professional who has an eye for detail, a passion for excellence, and an unwavering commitment to achieving organizational objectives.

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