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Who are Rick Geoffrion’s most high-profile connections?
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Rick Geoffrion

Jupiter, Florida, United States
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Rick Geoffrion is an accomplished entrepreneur, executive, and marketer, with over two decades of experience in the healthcare and medical technology industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing, both from the University of Connecticut.

Geoffrion's career includes various high-level positions, such as President and CEO of Cyrano Therapeutics, CEO of Mitralign, VP of Global Marketing and Strategic Planning at Invatec, CEO of Accelerated Technologies, and VP of Marketing and International Sales at Percusurge. His vast expertise covers areas like business strategy, product development, market research, regulatory affairs, global marketing, and sales negotiations. He has a track record of successfully leading companies through periods of growth and innovation.

Geoffrion's leadership skills have been widely recognized in the healthcare industry, and he has been a member of several advisory boards and steering committees. He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events, discussing topics like the future of medical technology, digital health, and innovation in healthcare.

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