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Rena DeLevie

Coach Compassionate Management - TEDx - Author - Speaker - L&D - Ops - Org Dev
Dobbs Ferry, New York
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Rena DeLevie is a seasoned management and leadership expert, with exceptional skills in operational efficiency. Based on her knowledge, she provides coaching services that lead to performance improvements, leading to a 50% saving in salary per employee replacement expense. Rena has worked with notable firms such as J.Crew Group Inc., UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, and MetLife, among others, displaying a broad range of experience. She has expertise in cross-department mergers to streamline communication and collaboration, remote management across offices and continents, continuous improvement, strategic planning, and process management. Rena's experience in the fashion/retail industry, banking, pharma, insurance, beauty, advertising and design, construction, education, healthcare, and small businesses gives her a unique insight into multiple sectors. As a management consultant, Rena has also served as the Chief Compassion Officer at Management For Millennials. Before that, she was the Vice President of Marketing Operations at Talbots, and earlier as the Vice President of Creative Services and Operations at Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. She has also worked as a Creative Operations Consultant on a self-employed basis, and as the Director of Brand Creative Operations at J.Crew Group Inc. Rena started and grew her career as a freelance designer at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Screen International Magazine, Arrow Entertainment, and J.Crew Group Inc., where she was promoted to Junior Art Director.

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