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What are Quinton Peppin’s favorite books?
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Quinton Peppin

United States
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Quinton Peppin is a Seattle University alumnus with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance, Business Finance, and International Business. He has a diverse range of work experience, including positions as a Business Analyst at Stocktwits, a Business Development Intern at Hodinkee, Inc., a Marketing Intern at Pch International, and a Product Marketing Intern at About.Me. Quinton has also completed a fellowship at True Ventures and worked in advertising for Northwest Polite Society.

With a background in business and finance, Quinton has developed expertise in strategic planning, market research, and data analysis. He has experience in product marketing, business development, and advertising, making him a valuable asset to any team. Through his work at Stocktwits, Quinton has developed skills in risk management, investment analysis, and financial forecasting. He is an ambitious professional with a keen eye for detail and a track record of success.

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