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Peter Murane

Co-Founder, Mox CBD Skin Care. CEO, BrandJuice
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Peter Murane is an accomplished entrepreneur and innovator with expertise in brand building, general management, and marketing. After graduating cum laude from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Peter founded BrandJuice Consulting, a successful brand strategy, innovation, and design agency. He has also partnered with Truth Treatments and Mox Mind + Body, two prominent beauty brands that specialize in skincare and mind-body wellness.

Peter has authored a book, Lessons from the Vinyl Sofa, which emphasizes his entrepreneurial, street-smart approach to creating emerging businesses. The book is an inspirational guide to help other entrepreneurs and innovators overcome the challenges faced in starting a new business.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Peter possessed years of experience as a manager, brand manager, and former Chairman of BrandJuice Consulting. Peter serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Mox Mind + Body, which is passionate about inspiring and developing individuals to live their best lives through mind-focused education, wellness, and community.

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