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What is Paul Rushforth tweeting about?
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Paul Rushforth

Director of Innovation at NEP Group, Inc.
London, London, United Kingdom
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Paul Rushforth has a diverse and accomplished background in broadcasting, technology, and innovation. He studied broadcasting at Ravensbourne University in London and has since worked at several notable organizations, including an international broadcaster and NEP Group, Inc. As Innovation Director at NEP, Paul draws on his problem-solving, networking, and communication skills to contribute to the development of new products and the implementation of new systems and processes. Prior to his work at NEP, Paul held various positions at NBCUniversal Media, LLC, where he gained valuable experience in distribution, broadcast engineering, and innovation. Paul has also worked as an independent consultant and business mentor, providing expertise and guidance to startups and entrepreneurs. With his extensive industry knowledge and experience, Paul Rushforth is a valuable asset to any organization looking to innovate and grow.

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