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Oliver Marler

Helping businesses navigate digital.
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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Oliver Marler is a highly accomplished executive and digital marketing expert, specializing in providing support to professionals in the legal, financial, and medical industries. With a strong educational background in both law and political science, Oliver brings a unique perspective to his work.

Having studied Juris Doctor (J.D.), Law at the University of Law, Oliver has a deep understanding of the legal landscape, which enables him to offer strategic guidance and marketing solutions tailored to the specific needs of law professionals. Additionally, his BA in Political Science from McMaster University equips him with the knowledge of political systems and dynamics, allowing him to navigate complex regulations and develop effective marketing strategies in the financial and medical sectors as well.

Oliver's impressive professional journey has seen him hold various leadership roles in renowned organizations. Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Rockland Digital, he leads a team focused on providing cutting-edge digital marketing support to professionals in the legal, financial, and medical fields. Prior to this, Oliver co-founded and served as the CEO of Yellow Mark Agency Services, where he established a reputation for delivering exceptional results for clients.

Throughout his career, Oliver has demonstrated his ability to drive business growth and enhance brand visibility. As the Managing Director at Quantus Designs Inc., he played a pivotal role in shaping the company's success. He has also held positions at respected organizations such as Lime Pictures, Propagate Content, DAQRI, Red Bull Media House, and Fox Entertainment, where he leveraged his business development and sales expertise to forge valuable partnerships and drive revenue.

Oliver's passion for digital marketing and his ability to understand the unique needs of professionals in the legal, financial, and medical industries have made him a sought-after consultant. He has worked with prestigious companies such as Hoodlum, Brain Farm, Infusion (now Avanade), Rescript Media, and AuditionBooth LLC, helping them achieve their marketing goals and boost their online presence.

With his extensive background in business development, Oliver has a keen eye for spotting opportunities and creating impactful strategies. His experience spans across media and entertainment, where he has worked with organizations like Shine Group, United Talent Agency, and Shine Group in roles ranging from executive assistant to agent trainee.

In his role as a digital marketing expert and CEO, Oliver Marler brings a wealth of knowledge, strategic insight, and a proven track record of success. His expertise in the legal, financial, and medical industries, combined with his strong background in business development and sales, make him a valuable asset for professionals seeking to enhance their digital marketing efforts.

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