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Nico Choksi

Chief Operating Officer at Epitel
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Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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Nico Choksi is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the tech industry. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Epitel, a prominent organization known for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.

With his background and expertise, Nico plays a pivotal role in driving operational excellence and strategic growth at Epitel. He possesses a unique blend of leadership skills and technical knowledge, which enables him to navigate the complexities of the industry with ease.

Prior to his role at Epitel, Nico Choksi served as a Mentor at Techstars, where he imparted his knowledge and insights to budding entrepreneurs and startups. His time at Techstars further honed his skills in mentorship, team building, and fostering innovation.

Nico's passion for technology and entrepreneurship is evident in his career journey, where he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to pushing boundaries and driving success. His experience at both Epitel and Techstars showcases his ability to adapt to diverse professional environments and deliver results.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Epitel, Nico Choksi continues to make significant contributions to the tech industry, overseeing operations and contributing to the company's strategic vision. His leadership and strategic acumen position him as a key player in the industry, influencing positive change and driving growth.

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