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What are Nick Reynolds’s favorite books?
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Nick Reynolds

Senior Product Manager at ConsenSys Identity
Brooklyn, New York, United States
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Nick Reynolds is a successful Senior Engineer and Product Manager, currently working for ConsenSys. He studied Digital Media Design at the University of Pennsylvania and has worked for several well-known companies throughout his career, including Zynga, where he held various senior software engineering roles. Additionally, Reynolds has worked as a Full Stack Engineer/Product Manager at Civil Media Company and, where he was the Founder and Architect.

Reynolds has also worked as a research assistant at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and as a games advisor for the University of Pennsylvania Nursing School. He has experience in web application programming and smart contracts engineering.

Overall, Reynolds is a skilled, experienced, and educated individual with expertise in digital media design, software engineering, and product management. He has a passion for applying his knowledge and skill set to provide solutions for various organizations.

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