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Summarize Nathan Hart’s background before I meet with them
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Nathan Hart

💥VP of Information Technology - ☁️ Enterprise Technology - 🚨CISO - 🚗Infrastructure Automation - 🏛️Azure Architect - 🔒Cybersecurity and Compliance - 🤯Gartner Peer Ambassador - 💼Open to Opportunites
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Detroit Metropolitan Area
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Nathan Hart is a highly experienced and accomplished Sr. Director of Technology, Solutions, and Data Analytics known for his exceptional skills in bridging business operations with strategic IT initiatives. With a passion for driving growth and security in fast-paced environments, Nathan has successfully led numerous IT initiatives that have resulted in increased operational efficiency, cost reduction, delivery efficiency, and improved system security.

Nathan's expertise lies in creating robust IT roadmaps that align with organizational goals. He is well-versed in cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS, business applications, budget development and monitoring, cross-departmental collaboration, data center operations, automation/CI/CD/IaC, end-user device management, IT project portfolio management, leadership and team management, network engineering and administration, server and database administration, strategic planning and implementation, and telecommunications management.

With a Master of Science in Business Information Technology and a Bachelor's degree in Network Communications Management, Nathan has a solid educational background to complement his extensive professional experience. He has previously held positions as a Senior IT & Security Manager, IT Manager, IT Administrator, Network Administrator, and Computer Technician at reputable organizations such as The Northridge Group, Enablon, Paine Wetzel ONCOR International, Waypoint Consulting LLC, and Northern Illinois University.

Throughout his career, Nathan has displayed a strong commitment to excellence and has consistently demonstrated his ability to effectively communicate the value and impact of IT advancements on organizational success. His passion for technology and its transformative power is evident in his dedication to reinforcing the nexus between tech and business.

If you are seeking a strategic leader with hands-on expertise who can contribute to your global cybersecurity and infrastructure goals, reach out to Nathan directly on LinkedIn or via email at

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