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What are some of Mike Lee’s interests or hobbies?
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Mike Lee

Building companies that build society-defining products.
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Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area
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Mike Lee is a seasoned people and organizational strategist with a successful track record in recruiting founding teams for startups, as well as in scaling multi-billion dollar organizations. He is currently building founding teams for Menlo Labs, a startup studio within MenloVC, known for turning early investments in groundbreaking ideas into societally-defining companies. With 21 years of experience in high-growth business operations leadership, Mike has built recruiting organizations in three different industries. His executive leadership skills have enabled him to recruit initial founders, define org structures, create new teams, and identify expansion milestones that yield scalable organizations poised for continued growth. He has a BS in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Journalism, Magna Cum Laude, from Walla Walla University. In addition to his professional achievements, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and six children and volunteering with Open Hearts for Orphans, an organization that acquired an international nonprofit he co-founded, known as Little Hearts Medical.

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