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What are Mike Gann’s favorite books?
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Mike Gann

VP Sales & Marketing USA, LOOK Cycle Group
Bradenton, Florida, United States
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Mike Gann, a seasoned executive with vast experience in sales, product, and purchasing, has gained valuable expertise throughout his career. He is a goal-oriented professional who strives to maximize his performance while meeting his employer's objectives. With an educational background in business administration and management, he has gained experience in various positions and has worked his way up to the President/COO level. In addition, he also has experience as a sole proprietor, which makes him well-versed in business fiscal responsibility and employee management. Gann is a change agent, always looking for ways to improve processes and boost efficiency. His specialties include purchasing, vendor vetting & supervision, process improvement, branding and identity, sales management, and OMNI channel distribution, among others.

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