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Who are Michelle Sawa’s most high-profile connections?
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Michelle Sawa

Researcher, Storyteller, Team Builder - Passionate about human connection
Oakland, California, United States
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Houston-based Michelle Sawa is an experienced storyteller and Customer Experience Leader with a deep passion for people. With nearly a decade of experience translating human insights for brands, Michelle is adept at connecting with audiences and helping businesses improve their interactions with customers. Michelle's versatility is her strong suit, allowing her to tackle any challenge by finding the right resources—the reason her peers call her a chameleon player. Michelle's background is diverse, having previously worked as a reading intervention teacher, co-founded a consulting business, performed stand-up comedy, and studied market research. Michelle has held several positions throughout her career, including Director of Product Marketing and Research and Senior Director of Customer Experience at Liongard, a fast-growing IT SaaS company. Today, Michelle runs her own consulting business, Humans at Heart, helping IT SaaS companies connect with their users.

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