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What is Michaela Kobzova tweeting about?
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Michaela Kobzova

Sales Representative for Slovak Republic at Groupe GM
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Meet Michaela Kobzova, a professional tourism and hospitality advisor with experience and expertise in the medical spas and wellness industry. With strong customer orientation and a willingness to learn, Michaela has dedicated herself to becoming a sought-after professional in the field.

With fluency in multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, and Arabic, Michaela has leveraged her language skills to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. Her knack for communication has been nurtured through her education, which includes a graduation in tourism and hospitality from Hotel Academy, and degrees in culturology and philosophy and management of tourism and culture from the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra.

In her professional life, Michaela has held positions of leadership and significance. She has served as the Chief Sales Officer at the SB Group, Director of Sales and Marketing at Danubius Hotels Group - Slovak Health Spa Piestany, Sales and Marketing Manager at Danubius Hotels Group - Natural Health Spa Smrdaky, and Sales Manager at the Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava, among others.

Additionally, Michaela has been a Sales Representative at Accor Pannonia Slovakia, Groupe GM, and has also served as the Sales Manager for the Middle East at Danubius Hotels Group - Slovak Health Spa Piestany.

Michaela's professional background and experience have made her a valuable asset to the tourism and hospitality industry. Her commitment to continuous learning, her strong communication skills, and her experience in leadership positions make her an ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable and professional tourism and hospitality advisor.

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