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What are some of Michael Lipton’s interests or hobbies?
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Michael Lipton

Entrepreneur, Business Builder & Start-up Executive - MIT Sloan Fellow
New York, New York, United States
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Michael Lipton is a serial entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of igniting growth for tech companies. Armed with a strong background in software engineering and a deep understanding of business strategy, Lipton is known for his expertise in bringing companies from the ground up and driving their success through go-to-market and sales strategies, as well as through effective business operations leadership.

Lipton's impressive educational background includes studying Sloan Fellows MBA at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he honed his business acumen. Prior to that, he pursued a Master's degree in Computer Science & Engineering, as well as a Bachelor's degree in the same field, both at the University of Connecticut.

Throughout his career, Lipton has played key roles in various organizations, demonstrating his talent for driving growth. He is a Co-Founder at milemark capital, facilitating the growth of technological ventures. He has also served as an Advisor at Atmospherik, PeakMetrics, and, providing valuable insights and guidance. Lipton has also held pivotal positions as a Co-Founder, Board Member, and the Chief Executive Officer at Points Lab, a Co-Founder and Board Member at BREAKFAST, and the Chief Operating Officer at BREAKFAST, where he played instrumental roles in shaping and executing their business strategies.

Lipton's professional journey began as a Software Engineer at both IBM and Goldman Sachs, where he developed his technical prowess before transitioning into leadership roles within the tech industry. This unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen has elevated Lipton as a valuable asset to companies seeking growth and success.

In summary, Michael Lipton is an impact-driven, business-minded entrepreneur who leverages his software engineering background to execute innovative visions. With a strong focus on go-to-market strategies, sales, and business operations, Lipton possesses a proven ability to drive growth and success for tech companies.

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