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Melissa Morris

Manager, Sales Enablement at O.C. Tanner
Park City, Utah, United States
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Melissa Morris is an experienced sales enablement manager currently working at O.C. Tanner. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated through years of experience and academic study. Melissa has a degree in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University and has worked at companies like Instructure, Imagine Learning, and Pearson North America in various roles related to training and development. Drawing from her experience, Melissa strongly believes that enablement is not just about training people; it is about building an ecosystem of resources and providing support that helps teams achieve their objectives.

Melissa's background includes work as an Educator at Northside ISD, Presenter, Curriculum Development, and Instructional Design at SeaWorld, and as a Global Sales Training Manager at Instructure. She has a passion for all aspects of enablement work and approaches it with diligence and focus.

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