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What is Matt Gettleman tweeting about?
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Matt Gettleman

Strategy & Operations Leader - Systems Design - Organizational & Team Effectiveness
Boulder, Colorado, United States
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Denver-based business leader Matt Gettleman is a passionate advocate for using business as a force for good. With over 10 years of experience as a successful founder and operator, he has honed his skills in driving purpose-driven teams towards a shared vision and achieving sustainable growth through conscious leadership, communication, and trust. Matt holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from the University of Colorado Boulder's Leeds School of Business, a Graduate Certificate in Organization Leadership from the University of Denver, and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Colorado College.

His professional experience includes senior leadership roles in several organizations, such as his current position as Senior Marketplace Operations Program Manager at Guild Education. Previously, he founded LongSpoon Consulting, served as Chief Operating Officer at Waste Farmers, and worked as a strategy consultant, project manager, and market research analyst for several other companies. Matt is also a former professional educator and community organizer, having worked with organizations like Where There Be Dragons, Higher Education Access Alliance, and the DPS-AmeriCorps at Denver Public Schools.

Matt's expertise lies in building and leading teams, conscious leadership, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, finance, sustainability, and organizational development. He is interested in using his skills and experience to drive purposeful impact through business, improve access to education, and empower communities.

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