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Martin Burt

Certified Expert with AWeber, Affiliate Marketer at Newbie Affiliate Marketer, Web Design & Sales Funnels at Designed 4U
Salvington, West Sussex, United Kingdom
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Martin Burt is a seasoned entrepreneur who has built a reputation for helping ordinary people create extraordinary income online. With years of experience in various industries ranging from web design to affiliate marketing, property, and consulting, he has worked with renowned trainers, coaches, and top earners in the network and affiliate marketing industry. Martin holds a business degree from the University of Life and is a Certified Specialist at AWeber. He has founded and been the CEO of several companies such as Newbie Affiliate, Designed 4 U, Martin Burt Online, and Fast Business Association Ltd. He was also the Co-Founder & Partner at IBC International and Managing Director at Carousel Enterprises Limited. Martin helps entrepreneurs make a full-time income online using a proven method that has worked for everyone that implements it. He is an expert in YouTube, video marketing, social media marketing and management, website creation, lead generation, and making money online through affiliate marketing. Outside of work, Martin enjoys participating and watching sports such as running, golf, and football, as well as walking his dogs with his family.

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