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Mariane Power

Co-founder at The Posify Group. Crafting Cultures of Impact Psychologist - Speaker - Researching Meaningful Living
New South Wales, Australia
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Mariane Power is a versatile professional with a multi-disciplinary background in psychology, performance, and business. After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Macquarie University, Mariane pursued multiple degrees and diplomas in Clinical Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy, and Performance. Her fascination with human behavior propelled her to shift her focus from theatre to psychology, where she honed her skills, knowledge, and expertise in understanding, analyzing, and improving people's personal and professional narratives.

Mariane's purpose-driven business philosophy drives her work in helping organizations with an impact mindset on their triple bottom line - profit, planet, and people. As a committee member of The Luminosity Youth Summit and a Coaching Psychologist and Program Designer at Bambuddha Group, Mariane volunteers her knowledge and expertise towards empowering organizations to apply scientific, practical approaches to improve and measure their impact.

Apart from her clinical psychology work with children and their families, Mariane co-founded The Posify Group, an organization committed to fostering the next generation's skills, strengths, and values. The group's mission is to close the gap between education and industry by blending cutting-edge human potential and the behavioral sciences with design thinking methodology. As the author of The IMPACT Framework, an evidence-informed framework designed to assist organizations in becoming conscious organizations that drive profits with kindness to the planet and people, Mariane combines her academic, consulting, and coaching experience with her background in performance and stage-craft to equip people with clarity, confidence, and competence.

As an Executive Coaching Psychologist and public speaker, Mariane seeks to empower organizations, individuals, and the youth with the skills and tools necessary for personal and professional success.

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