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What is Margot Roosevelt tweeting about?
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Margot Roosevelt

California Economy and Labor reporter for the Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Margot Roosevelt is an expert journalist and skilled writer with a specialization in California's economic, labor, and workplace news. She currently works at The Los Angeles Times, where she covers significant news regarding labor unrest, minimum wage, and union activities. In the past, Roosevelt worked as an environmental shot-caller at the Los Angeles Times, reporting about energy, environmental, and sustainability issues extensively. She has also covered politics, legislation, education, and foreign policy news at The Washington Post, and served as a Time Magazine correspondent in Paris.

Roosevelt has a Bachelor's degree in History from Harvard University and has also studied at the University of Madrid. Her expertise in journalism reflects her ability to report and write about significant events with great detail and clarity. She is a member of several organizations and has worked as an Economy and labor reporter for The Orange County Register/Southern California News Group and also as a political reporter at Reuters.

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