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Malathi Sathya

Helping Companies To Achieve Their Translation/Localisation Targets - JSQUAD LANGUAGE SERVICES
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Malathi Sathya is a highly skilled Business Specialist, currently working with JSQUAD LANGUAGE SERVICES. With extensive experience in international business management, she is an expert in delivering results-oriented solutions to increase efficiency and profitability. She has a deep understanding of cross-cultural communication and works to leverage this knowledge to enable collaboration and drive success.

With excellent analytical skills and the ability to identify operational gaps and inefficiencies, Malathi can develop strategy and execute actions to improve processes and systems. She has a proven ability to lead, influence, and bring together teams across different hierarchies, geographies, and cultures.

Malathi is passionate about language and culture and takes pride in helping clients navigate and overcome communication barriers. She strives to enrich the lives of individuals in diverse settings by facilitating communication.

Overall, Malathi Sathya is a dedicated business professional with a passion for communication, culture, and collaboration.

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