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Summarize Lucio Leonardo’s background before I meet with them
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Lucio Leonardo

Head of Marketing, PEBMED (NASDAQ:AFYA)
Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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Lucio Leonardo is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for digital marketing, product development, and technology. With over 21 years of experience in the digital industry, Lucio has built a reputation as a strategic thinker and manager, driving growth and revenue for various organizations. He has worked as a team leader, project manager, and executive director, developing skills in SEO, content marketing, e-commerce management, UX design, conversion rate optimization, product development, and branding. Lucio is also an agile development expert, well-versed in SCRUM and other methodologies. He has a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies (Advertising) from Universidade Federal Fluminense and has worked for well-known brands such as PEBMED, Lemoney, and WeShow, Inc. In addition to marketing, Lucio has experience in sales, operations, and UX.

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