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What are Lucas Ingvoldstad’s favorite books?
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Lucas Ingvoldstad

Director, Business Development and Government Affairs at Eolus North America, Inc.
Reno, Nevada, United States
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Lucas Ingvoldstad is a well-rounded professional with a diverse background in government affairs, business development, public policy, and land-use planning. He has a Master of Science degree in Land Use Planning Policy and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, both from the University of Nevada, Reno. Ingvoldstad began his career as an Assistant Program Manager at the Nevada Department of Transportation before joining the team of the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. During his tenure with the Senator, he held different positions, including Staff Assistant, Regional Representative, Energy and Public Lands Manager, and advised the Majority and Minority Leader. Ingvoldstad later became the Director of Public Affairs at Crowley and Ferrato Public Affairs before joining Eolus North America, where he is the Director of Government Affairs and Business Development. In addition to his professional activities, Ingvoldstad is also an active board member of the Interwest Energy Alliance and the California Wind Energy Association.

Ingvoldstad has expertise in stakeholder involvement, agency coordination, and public relations. He is known for his robust experience in federal, state, and local policies. He has demonstrated a passion for supporting public lands and clean power. A sports enthusiast, Ingvoldstad is an avid cyclist and runner.

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