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What are Lijo Ittoop’s favorite books?
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Lijo Ittoop

Using digital marketing to help companies increase sales. Founder at Prodigi Connect and Host at Marketing and Coffee - Podcasts with Lijo.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Lijo Ittoop is a highly experienced and accomplished marketing and consumer behavior professional with over 20 years of expertise in various industries. He has worked with industry giants such as Pepsico, Nokia, Microsoft, and Perfetti. Lijo's passion lies in driving tech and analytics in marketing, making him a valuable asset in scaling businesses and optimizing small budgets for SMBs.

With a strong background in sales, Lijo brings an analytical and number-driven approach to marketing. His skill set includes developing marketing strategies, consumer journey mapping, and implementing payment gateway solutions. Lijo's cross-continent experience spans India, the Middle East, and Africa, where he has successfully managed marketing strategies for product lines across these regions.

In 2016, Lijo co-founded his first tech start-up, focusing on payment gateway solutions, mobile top-up solutions, and e-commerce portals. This entrepreneurial experience led him to establish Prodigi Connect, a marketing boutique agency that caters to a diverse range of clients, from E-commerce startups to multinational corporations. Lijo's dedication to constant learning and knowledge-sharing is evident through his occasional organization of digital marketing workshops for industry colleagues and lectures for university students in Dubai.

Lijo holds an MBA in Marketing and Systems from the Army Institute of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Geology/Earth Science from Christ College. His professional journey includes roles such as Founder & Chief Idea Officer at Spider Digital Innovation, Marketing lead in India & MEA at Microsoft, Senior Marketing Manager in India & MEA at Nokia, and Regional Manager at Nokia. He has also held positions at Pepsico International (Frito Lays Division), Perfetti van Melle, and Lewis Berger Paints India Limited.

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